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Video Production 

Tell your story.
Video is a gift to your audience. Fundraising, communicating your brand, social media all require strategy and video production. We bring experience in TV and film to every video we make.  Reed wrote for feature films and television; Liz produced television for ABC Family and events for HBO.

Please see Two Fish Digital Vimeo for our video reel.

Branded Content

Video communicates your brand on your website and social media. Videos engage new audiences, raise funds and activate existing communities. Brands who use video marketing increase their sales, build awareness and trust, and keep their current customers engaged.  There is no better return on marketing investment, and no better way to connect without being there.

Video engages users longer and more directly; not everyone will watch, but those that do will stay with you.  Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo – find your audience where they are. 

Safety is important, especially with aerial video. We carry $1 million in liability insurance for drone flights, and $2 million in photography and video production insurance. Our aerial flight operators are licensed by the FAA with years of experience.

Social Media VIdeos

For branded video – a website banner, social media content, please contact us for a custom quote.

Don’t know where to start? We offer video strategy consults. We provide detailed notes that you can take with you or hire us to produce.

Branded Real Estate Videos