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Two Fish Digital is Reed and Liz Fish. We worked in television, film and video production in Los Angeles for ten years, traveled around the world and moved to Ojai.

We are a full-service marketing and video production company. Our videos sell houses, boost Facebook campaigns and promote gorgeous California parks.

Select Clients

Alejandro Murillo
Anna Stephan
Basecamp Hospitality
Carolyn Glasoe Bailey Foundation
Channel Builders, Inc
Chris Chin
Chris Williams
Christine Cardoso Moore
Erik Wilde
Henson Becker Niksto Architects
Janelle Kandziora Interiors
Jason Walters
Jeffrey Belzer
Kristen Currier
Larry Krogh
Laura Darrah
Lester Cook
Liv Sotheby’s Realty
The Loop Isla Vista
Make a Wish Tri Counties
Michaels & Associates Realty
Nicodemus Construction
Nora Davis
Peter Martocchio & David Goldberg
Ramiro Martinez
Rosalie Zabilla Group
Secure Beginnings
Tim Smith
Tonya Peralta Team
Tyler Brousseau
Topa Mountain Winery
Williamson Van Keulen

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Two Fish Digital
Reed & Liz Fish
Ph: 805.272.0201