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Video + Dvele + Wilco

New Dvele Video Production

Dvele – Welcome Home Video
We are proud to share our newest video! Dvele is a custom home builder making environmentally friendly, modern, energy passive homes. This is the Skyview home, a fire rebuild in Ventura.

Now is a good time plan something new. Tell people who you are and what you care about with branded video.


Workin’ It Podcast with Reed Fish – Mikael Jorgensen on Wilco

Wilco Keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen

Well geez, Reed played the new Wilco song White Wooden Cross for the first time on the Internet. Keyboardist Mikael Jorgensen confirmed: Wilco does, indeed, love you. Other episodes feature Pro Tennis Player Lester Cook, Remix Artist Cassandra C Jones, Animation Director Ross Venokur and Color Strategist Vyana Novus.

We’re developing a new podcast for a client, and so excited! More soon.

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Fall is here! Check out Collect Raindrops by artist Nikki McClure. It’s based on calendars with art cut from paper, and has the energy of each season in it, great for kids. The book begins in Winter and ends in Fall, which seems fitting!

From the book –

There is always something to celebrate, whether it is the first green tip of a snowdrop pushing up or the gathering of sun-crisped shirts fresh off the clothesline. There are flowers to count and fruits to harvest. Be conscious and hold on as we spin around the sun one more time.

Looking Forward To…
Slowing down. Happy Thanksgiving!


Liz & Reed Fish | Two Fish Digital

There Is No Better Moment


There is no better moment… to pick yourself.  Seth Godin’s quote is worth thinking about. Creativity is brave so don’t wait for someone else to decide.  Pitch a project to a friend, make your own video or start a podcast. If it doesn’t work, try something else.

Workin’ It Podcast with Reed Fish Congratulations to Reed on recording on nine episodes!  Reed has talked to guests about brewing kombucha, branding yourself and buying well-crafted wine.  Today’s episode features – Liz Fish – ummmm me – about traveling for the non-profit Kiva.org. New episode every Monday.

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  -Secure Beginnings 
We are proud to share this tranquil video.   Secure Beginnings provides physical and emotional support for families with children 0-5 years old.  From the longtime staff and volunteers of the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center, they plan to reach more families with this new name and website.


Thinking about … Audio

I finally bought a microphone for my phone.  There are inexpensive mics for phone and computer, they’ll make your videos instantly better.  Struggling with video or don’t understand something? Email, we’re happy to help!

Listening to… Akimbo
Akimbo, a Podcast from Seth Godin.  Seth Godin’s podcast is about marketing but really it’s about change.

Looking Forward To… 
Summer! Doing something, or nothing. Follow @workinitpod on Instagram for updates.

Happy June!




The Most Important Part of Being Fearless

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The most important part of being fearless is… being vulnerable. From my new favorite pastime – Usher’s MasterClass. Reed’s mom has been in the hospital so we have a new meaning for vulnerable. We’re feeling positive and hopingshe’s on her way to recovery.

COMING SOON. Launching April 15!! @workinitpod (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) Workin’ It – A podcast about the details and philosophy of work with Reed Fish.  

Window Washing as Meditation with Chris Wilson, Timeless Retail with Rachel Graves of Shop Summer CampAnd Happiness with a Disney Princess ++ Being the Boss with the CEO of Yogi Teas ++ Keeping Score with an MLS Referee.

Matterport 3D…Our recent photos + Matterport 3D for the Loop Isla Vista. That’s how to send your college kid across the country to live in an apartment you haven’t seen yet.

Thinking about …
What I learned from writing for television – find your format. What is any great show? It says exactly what it will do and it does it every single time. It’s not easy, you must define it, and you will throw out good stuff that doesn’t fit. When you do – people will show up for the you they know.

Looking Forward To…
Children’s Art Workshop at Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, Upper Ojai. My daughter will love this! April 6th, 1-3pm

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Try some video for your business, create a series.  We offer strategy sessions if you don’t know where to start!

Happy Spring!




Liz & Reed Fish | Two Fish Digital