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There is no better moment… to pick yourself.  Seth Godin’s quote is worth thinking about. Creativity is brave so don’t wait for someone else to decide.  Pitch a project to a friend, make your own video or start a podcast. If it doesn’t work, try something else.

Workin’ It Podcast with Reed Fish Congratulations to Reed on recording on nine episodes!  Reed has talked to guests about brewing kombucha, branding yourself and buying well-crafted wine.  Today’s episode features – Liz Fish – ummmm me – about traveling for the non-profit Kiva.org. New episode every Monday.

Check out  workinitpod.com  or subscribe to Workin’ It with Reed Fish on Anchor.fm,  Apple Podcasts, or wherever you listen. Email workinitpod@gmail.com with your guest ideas.

  -Secure Beginnings 
We are proud to share this tranquil video.   Secure Beginnings provides physical and emotional support for families with children 0-5 years old.  From the longtime staff and volunteers of the Nan Tolbert Nurturing Center, they plan to reach more families with this new name and website.


Thinking about … Audio

I finally bought a microphone for my phone.  There are inexpensive mics for phone and computer, they’ll make your videos instantly better.  Struggling with video or don’t understand something? Email, we’re happy to help!

Listening to… Akimbo
Akimbo, a Podcast from Seth Godin.  Seth Godin’s podcast is about marketing but really it’s about change.

Looking Forward To… 
Summer! Doing something, or nothing. Follow @workinitpod on Instagram for updates.

Happy June!




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